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My goals for Weston are to ensure that Weston remains the best city in the state in which to raise a family, to maintain the level of service Weston residents expect both effectively and efficiently, and to continue to move us forward and keep Weston current with the changing times. I agree with and support our city's mission statement: "To make the City of Weston the most desirable place to live, work and play" with the long term goal of "enhancing the quality of life and increasing the property values in the City". ¹

Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety:

I plan to support our first responders and emergency management infrastructure, making Weston the most prepared community in the state. I will work with our first responders to promote and advocate for community readiness and public safety. I've had the privilege of getting to know the heads of Weston's fire and police departments, Fire Chief Todd Draizin and Police Captain Sam Cavalieri. I can not express the depths of my admiration for both of these fine professionals; Weston is lucky to have them, and I will support them and their departments as they work to ensure public safety.

Standing up for Families and our Schools:

As an advocate for children for most of my adult life, I will be a strong voice for families on the city commission. As a former teacher, a parent, and an active school volunteer, I am uniquely positioned to continue to foster the strong relationship that exists between our city government and all of the schools our Weston children attend. I am also the only candidate with current ties to Western High School, which many of our Weston students attend, even though it is located in Davie.

Supporting Small Businesses:

Weston's small businesses are the backbone of our local economy but they are under threat with COVID and the toll the pandemic is taking. Small businesses need to be supported and uplifted by our city government as they adapt to these challenging circumstances. As a commissioner, I plan to follow the lead of other local leaders such as Mayor Christine Hunschofsky in Parkland and Councilwoman Denise Horland in Plantation, who spotlight local businesses through their social media. They speak with the owners, take pictures, and post about their interactions to advertise and support the businesses in their communities, which is exactly what I will do. I will also speak with business owners to find out from them how the city can help our small businesses grow and thrive, and I will work to help our small businesses access any CARES Act funding they are eligible for.

Taking Action: 

When I see an issue, I take action. I'm currently working to address food insecurity by founding the Weston Community Garden Society, which will incorporate as a 501(c)(3) in the near future with the goal of donating fresh produce to local food banks. This community garden will also provide Weston residents with access to a healthful and fulfilling form of exercise, educational opportunities for elementary and middle school students, and a place where high school students can earn service hours. Community gardens provide a multitude of benefits beyond the produce that grows in them, and I am working with a dedicated group of volunteers and the City to bring these benefits to our beautiful Weston. 


* My commitment to Weston *

* is and always will be *



¹ From the City of Weston Fiscal Year 2020 Adopted Budgets, page 26 

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Kim Schnitzius, non-partisan for Weston City Commission Seat 2.
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